Citizens of 157 countries can enter the Philippines visa-free for tourism/business purposes. Check the full list of visa-free-countries and a maximum length of stay for your nationality.

If you are a German passport-holder and wish to travel to the Philippines for tourism/business, you are eligible for the visa-free privilege provided that your stay in the Philippines does not exceed thirty (30) days.

Citizens of countries not mentioned in the above list must apply for a visa.


If you are eligible for visa-free entry, you must still be able to present, at the Philippine borders, the following documents:  

  1. Your passport valid for at least six (6) months after the applicant’s date of departure from the Philippines; and
  2. An outbound flight ticket.

If you are eligible for visa-free entry into the Philippines but wish to stay longer than 30 days, you may apply for a Temporary Visitors’ Visa from the Consulate prior to your flight, or for an extension of your stay at the nearest Philippine Immigration office at least one week before the initial visa-free stay ends.

Minors under fifteen (15) years old traveling without his/her parent must secure a Waiver-of-Exclusion-Ground.

All travelers to the Philippines, including those who may enter visa-free, must comply with applicable health protocols. Please check the ADVISORY section of this website or the IATF website for the most up-to-date health protocols.

For further information, you may visit the Philippine Bureau of Immigration’s website or its Official Facebook Page.


The Balikbayan Program as instituted by Republic Act 6768 and amended by Republic Act 9174 was launched by the Philippine Government to attract and encourage overseas Filipinos to come and visit their motherland. As a balikbayan, you can enjoy additional entry and stay privileges for you and your family members.

You are considered a Balikbayan if you meet any one of these three criteria:

  1. A Filipino citizen who has been continuously out of the Philippines for a period of at least one (1) year;
  2. A Filipino overseas worker; and
  3. A former Filipino citizen who had been naturalized in one of the countries listed in the attached page and who comes or returns to the Philippines.


The Philippines’ Balikbayan Program allows a one-year visa-free stay for former Filipinos who have acquired citizenship in certain countries. Click on the following link for the LIST OF COUNTRIES COVERED BY THE BALIKBAYAN PROGRAM.

The visa-free stay privilege may be extended to the balikbayan’s non-Filipino spouse and children, provided that:

  1. The family members enter the Philippines with the balikbayan; and
  2. They are citizens of one of the listed countries.

Former Filipino balikbayans traveling to the Philippines should declare before the Immigration Officer at the port of entry that they are availing of the privilege, and to bring either their old Philippine passport or copy of their Philippine Birth Certificate as proof of their former Philippine citizenship.

Accompanying family members of the balikbayan should also bring appropriate supporting documents to show evidence of their relationship:

  • For the spouse: Copy of marriage certificate
  • For each child: Copy of their birth certificate indicating the balikbayan as a parent
  • For adopted children: Copy of adoption papers


Aside from visa-free entry to the Philippines, Philippine Law (R.A. 9174) provides benefits to balikbayans:

  1. Tax-exempt maximum purchases in the amount of USD 1,500, or the equivalent in Philippine and other currency, at Philippine Government–operated duty-free shops; and
  2. Exemption from Travel Tax provided that their stay in the Philippines is one year or less. If their stay in the Philippines exceeds one year, Travel tax will apply to them.



For the latest information on entry, testing and quarantine protocols please check the ADVISORY section of this website or the IATF website.

A visa is a privilege granted by a country to a foreign national. As such, the Consulate reserves the right to approve or disapprove of visa applications and is not bound to provide an explanation for its decision.

Moreover, the Consulate is unable to guarantee the approval of and issuance of the visa before the applicant’s flight schedule.

Therefore, visa applicants are advised to finalize their flight bookings only after the visa is granted.

Visa-processing time is from five (5) to ten (10) working days, depending on the type of visa applied for and the applicant’s nationality. Some applicants may require a longer evaluation period.

Please note that NO REFUND of the visa application fee can be made for whatever reason.


Documentary requirements vary depending on the type of visa being applied for:


9(A)      Visa Requirements for 9A Temporary Visitors by Visa Type

9(B)       Transient

9(C)       Seafarers and Crew List

9(D)      International Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors

9(E)       Foreign Government Officials

9(F)       Student

9(G)      Pre-arranged-employees / Missionary


47(A)(2) Foreign volunteers


13(A)     For spouses of Filipino national

13(G)    For natural-born Filipino who has been naturalized in a foreign country

SRRV   Special Resident Retiree Visa


FA Form No. 2 – Application Form for Non-Immigrant Visa

FA Form No. 3 – Application Form for Immigrant Visa

FA Form-No-11 – Medical Examination Form

Visa Information for Foreign Media and Filming Groups

FA Form-No. 61 – Crew List Visa Form

IPC Press Accreditation Form

Affidavit of Request, Consent and Guarantee for Travel of Foreign Minot (WEG)

Affidavit of Support and Guarantee

Procedure for the Issuance of Appropriate Entry Visa for Foreign Government Officials (FGO) Travelling for Posting and Assignment in the Philippines


SINGLE ENTRY – Traveler must enter the Philippines within three (3) months from the date of the visa’s issuance. Maximum allowable stay is fifty-nine (59) days.

MULTIPLE ENTRY – Traveler must enter the Philippines within six (6) or twelve (12) months from the date of the visa’s issuance. Maximum allowable stay is fifty-nine (59) days per trip.

For those who wish to extend beyond fifty-nine (59) days, the foreign national must apply for a visa extension at the nearest Philippine Immigration office at least one week prior to the expiration of the valid stay.


Applicants are advised to submit their visa application at least one (1) month before their expected date of travel to the Philippines.

Processing of the visa takes five (5) to ten (10) working days, depending on the visa applied for and the applicant’s nationality. Some applications may require a longer period for evaluation and approval from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.


The visa fee depends on the type of visa applied for, the number of entries requested, and the applicant’s nationality.

The visa fee excludes the express processing fee or legalization fee for documents that certain application might require.

The range of visa fees are as follows:

9(a) Single entry                                                  € 27,00

9(a) Single entry (Chinese)                                   € 22,50

9(a) Single entry (visa required)                            € 36,00

9(a) Multiple entry (six months)                            € 54,00

9(a) Multiple entry (twelve months)                       € 81,00

9(c) Seafarer                                                       € 18,00

13(a) / 13 (g) immigrant                                      € 135,00



The visa fee must be paid in cash if the application is submitted in person.

If you wish to send your visa application by post or courier service, please use the following bank details for your payment and send a copy of the proof of payment (Überweisungsbeleg):


Account Name:  Generalkonsulat Philippinen
DE76 1004 0000 0263 7106 02
Bank Name:        
Commerzbank AG   
                                 Filiale, Berlin


In making payments/deposits for the account of the Philippine Consulate General, please indicate the following during your transfer:

  • Reference: Applicant’s Full Name and Contact Details
  • Type of Consular Service: (For example, Visa or Authentication)

Please be advised that the Consulate implements the “NO REFUND POLICY” on fees paid by applicants for actual services rendered by the Consulate. Visa fees will not be refunded if the application is denied or the visa is approved after the applicant’s scheduled departure date.

When making the payment through bank transfer, please pay the EXACT AMOUNT as change will not be given.  “Actual services rendered” include, but are not limited to, services rendered from receipt of documents for review by the Consular Officer or, in case of payment, from the time of its receipt, and not merely restricted to the issuance of document. Fees for unserviced applications/applications no longer pursued are non-refundable.