30 October 2021 - The Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt, led by Consul General Evelyn D. Austria-Garcia, officially launched today the Virtual Sentro Rizal (VSR) permanent digital exhibition as the Consul General ends her tour of duty in Frankfurt. The VSR, which is established in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), is a digital multilingual collection composed of over 200 text, video and photo contents related to Jose Rizal and other Filipino heroes, Philippine resources on arts and culture, values, literature, history, geography, environment, tourism and architecture, among others.

The VSR permanent digital exhibition aims to complement the Consulate’s cultural diplomacy initiatives, adapt and cope with the demands of the digital age and tech-savvy audience. The establishment of the immersive and interactive VSR exhibit incorporates technology, augments participants’ learning experience and creates another avenue to engage with the Consulate’s constituents.

During the event, the Consul General emphasized the importance of utilizing modern tools to advance the country’s interests abroad. She stressed that digital transformations, such as the establishment of the VSR, can be used to enhance the services provided by Foreign Service Establishments. She hopes that the VSR digital exhibition will be among her legacies at the Consulate and expressed optimism that the introduction of such modern technology could heighten interest on the Philippines’ national hero, and other aspects of the country’s culture.

In addition to the VSR permanent exhibition in Consulate’s consular area, other VSR exhibitions have been established this year, including those at the Philippine Honorary Consulates in Munich and Stuttgart and Ruhr University in Bochum, which is home to an existing Philippine Studies program. END